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Welcome, New Warrior’s Wish Users!

We’ve recently included new features that allow you to sign up for the site and interact, and even become a content editor if you’ve got something to say on the subject of Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter and you’re itching to get it out there. No need to worry about editing, we’ll take care of it, just send us a message or email us for more information. We’ve also got a shout box, and the ability to message other members and be notified about the activities and goings on. If you love Warrior Cats, and you want to keep up with news, we highly recommend you register and subscribe.

Don’t forget that for an expanded, fun and lively community, you can join our forum!

Looking for a fun Warrior Cats discussion community?

Check out our discussion forums and be a part of a community that’s lasted for over ten years. Though we’ve been through many different formats and changes, we’ve evolved throughout the years to maintain a fun, chill environment in which to discuss the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. Not only do we have interactive group-based games, but our members are friendly, and we have roleplaying boards too! We’d love to have you visit us and join.

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Warrior’s Wish Book Synopsis Project

We’re progressing into getting synopsis pages for the Warriors series in place. They will eventually contain links to reviews and other helpful information as the site grows larger. So far, only the original arc is listed, and read mores are currently under construction.

Be sure to spread the word about Warrior’s Wish, and visit our forum community if you’ve got the time. We’d love to have you there! There’s all sorts of things to do, including collecting and trading cards, joining a Clan and participating in Clan games, scavenger hunts, and more!

Warriors Battle Card Game

A new edition of the old Warrior Cats Battle Card Game, made by our founder Blizz, will likely be released at the start of the next month. It’ll feature cats solely from the original Warriors series, and be based around that arc. For more information on the WBCG, go ahead and email us or leave a comment below. It’s so exciting to be bringing back old elements of Ww, and we’re happy to share them with you all once again.

A preview of some of the Warrior cards is below the cut:

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Guide to Warrior Cats Characters

A new feature of the site, which was present on various incarnations prior, will be a guide to the main and secondary characters of the Warrior Cats series. Tertiary and background characters will not be included at this time, but may be added at some point in the future if time allows. Guesses as to genetics (including genotypes and phenotypes) and personality test results will be provided in contrast to some profiles on other sites. We’re looking forward to getting them all up.

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