• I’m working diligently on a remake of the Warrior Cats┬átrading card game our original administrator, Blizz, created so long ago. The cards will be redesigned and gameplay tweaked a little bit. There will also be […]

  • I’m in the process of implementing a prey points system like the one on the old Warrior’s Wish forum. There will also be the same participation award feathers as well as things you can buy with your points! Hang […]

    • I love this series! Can’t wait til you return with new stuff! This an awesome site and glad you thought of it.:)

  • In order to view the quizzes properly, it looks like you have to temporarily turn off your ad-blocker. There’s no need to keep it on after you’re done, but this is just something that the host of the quizzes […]

  • Good news, Wishers! With only minor technical difficulties getting in the way, the users from the old forum have been imported into the database on the main site. This means you can use your old username or email […]

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