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    • Hello Wishers, I’m Emma. (a.k.a Spirithawk) I am making a Warriors MAP, and I would love it if one of you could animate, or suggest a clip for me. The song I selected is Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons. Yes, You will be credited at the end Thanks! Message me if you are interested!

  • Looking for a prophecy, a sign, or an omen? You should head on over to our latest feature, Ask StarClan! With a single click you’ll hear from your ancestors about your fate. You don’t have to be a medicine cat to […]

  • Recently there was an update to the official Warrior Cats website. In addition to a completely overhaul, there are new features such as family trees and quizzes. The site is very interactive now but still a […]

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    Hey! I’m sure you’ll be able find a few members to join your group. Have fun!

  • In this Warriors personality quiz, you get to find out your description if you were a Clan Cat! What would you look like as a feline? Or maybe you want to be inspired to make a new original character! Either way, […]

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  • Registrations for the old Warrior’s Wish forum have been disabled (temporarily?) due to it being mostly dead. You’re more than welcome to sign up on the main site, but you will not be allowed to register for the […]

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  • Have you ever wanted to know who your perfect love is from the Warrior Cats series? If you were a cat, maybe you’d have a chance with one of these fine felines. Take the quiz and find out who your true soulmate […]

  • A miniature version of the Warrior’s Wish forum has been added, enabling conversation between members of the main site! If you feel like checking it out, the link is listed in the main menu, or you can click […]

  • Looks like Warrior’s Wish was down for a while due to issues with the domain, but we’re back now!

    We need your opinion!

  • It’s been a long time, Wishers, but as more details about the Warrior Cats movie are unveiled, we’ll have a lot more to talk about!

    It looks like STX Entertainment along with Alibaba Pictures will produce the […]

    • If its an animation it will have to be steered towards younger people. That means no brutal deaths, and no bloody battles. So… the cats will all have to be friends and that is probably not going to be good.

      • Not to offend in any way. But since when does animation mean it has to be for children alone and not involve any violence or death? Take the lion king for instance. There is death and violence. Many many of the best, truly geared toward children movies have death of some kind. Waters hip down has shown me it is possible to make a great warriors movie and still make it for everyone. Just my opinion

        • I completely agree with you! Many animated shows and movies are not for children. South Park, Family Guy and a movie that might be similar to Warrior Cats, Felidae. Felidae is a movie that is animated and about cats but has very strong language and graphic deaths. I have high hopes for this new warriors movie

    • I CANT EAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!

    • WAIT*

    • If only they would make a series of movies like Twilight or Harry Potter.. This series would fit great into a few movies. But if they do one animated, i fear its going to suck terribly… Like i wouldn’t even go watch it unless it was a real movie..

    • Yessss, confirmed

    • Guys, CGI and Live-Action together mean it’s most likely going to look like the newest Jungle Book. In the movie, the animals are CGI animated because, obviously, they can’t get real animals to play the part so they used CGI to re-create them. Also, they probably used it because it’s probably much easier to make the animals talk so it doesn’t look like SFM animals. So I think there’s going to be battles and cats dying, but I don’t think it’s gonna be PG13.

    • I am so excited! Can’t wait! Though, I wonder if there will be more movies of it, one for each book?

  • It looks like, according to Kate Cary, a Warriors movie is finally in the works!
    Finally, I can share the news!
    At last! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Alibaba Pictures want to make a film of Warriors!
    I […]

  • We’re going to be working on some of the pages for the Warrior Cats characters, as well as adding additional information and profiles. Stay tuned for pixels and other art as well! Sorry that things have been very […]

  • We’re still calling on Warriors pixel artists to help us build our base database up again, so if you’re any good at drawing cats or making pixels, send us an emailย and we’ll brief you on how to get started. You […]

  • Only two more days until the deadline for posting your theories about Warriors: AVOS #2 – Thunder and Shadow! We’ve not got any entries yet, but this is reminder that you could win a copy of the book for […]

  • We’ve made a few changes to the format of the Warrior’s Wish forum, now including a new roleplay-oriented section. We hope this will breathe new life into the old forums we’ve come to know and love. Many people go […]

  • It’s almost here! Warriors: Thunder and Shadow will be released on September 6th. We’re inviting subscribers and guests visiting Warrior’s Wish to post their speculation in the comments below, and we’ll […]

  • As some of you may know, Warrior’s Wish used to be home to many pixel bases and sprites. Since we are no longer in contact with many of the base makers, and can’t get in touch with them to see if they would still […]

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