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Calling All Warriors Pixel Artists!

As some of you may know, Warrior’s Wish used to be home to many pixel bases and sprites. Since we are no longer in contact with many of the base makers, and can’t get in touch with them to see if they would still let us borrow their bases for our site, it’s become necessary to hunt for new art.

If you’re interested in creating pixel bases for Ww, and having them displayed here on the site (with a link-back to the place of your choice), send an email with an example of your work, or a comment below. It’s a good way to gain exposure on a website that receives over three thousand hits every day.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Warriors Traditional Naming Guide

Warriors catTraditional Naming is all the rage in the Warriors roleplay world, especially in a day and age where most fans are grown up and ready for something new and different. From Tumblr blogs such as ailuronymy to north-american-warriors and personal guides on RP sites. Today, I’m going to show you how to combine prefixes and suffixes to make your own traditional Warriors name.

What is Traditional Warriors Naming?

It’s a naming system that assumes that cats should have names that make sense. So instead of naming a kit after things that you won’t be able to tell when they’re born, you can name them for what they look like. There are a wide range of prefixes you can use that reflect a warrior’s coloring and markings, but only a few suffixes that are very specific.

What are the prefixes?

Depending on where your roleplay is set, there will be different types of colors and animals you can use to describe the way a kit looks at birth. A couple of examples are here:

Raven – the kit may be born a dark color

White – a white kit

Auburn – a red kit

Patch – a calico kit, perhaps?


What are acceptable suffixes?

The suffixes are a lot less fluid than the prefixes and have to do with the traits of a cat. So for example, a cat with a -claw suffix may be skilled in fighting, whereas a cat with -heart as a suffix may be emotional. These are very specific and instead of being a double descriptor for a cat, they are more about describing the way a cat acts or what they’re good at.

Sometime soon a traditional naming generator should be added for both English and American prefixes and the traditional suffixes. Hopefully this will help with naming.

Thanks for reading my first article!
– Sleekpaw


Are you excited for Warrior Cats SE #9: Hawkwing’s Journey?

To dispel the darkness, you must find the spark that remains.

Warrior Cats: Hawkwing's JourneyLong ago, the cats of SkyClan were lost to the warrior code—until Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, helped them rediscover the ways of their ancestors. Since then, SkyClan has enjoyed moons of peace and near-prosperity.

Hawkpaw dreams of the day when he will receive his warrior name and be called on to protect his Clanmates. Then Echosong, their medicine cat, has an alarming vision, and suddenly Hawkpaw is thrust onto a path he never could have imagined.

SkyClan’s era of peace is at an end. Now they must fight for their very survival.

Will SkyClan find its way home—or will it be lost forever?

Moons ago, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, helped the cats of SkyClan find their way back to the warrior code. But Firestar is gone, and SkyClan now faces an enemy it cannot defeat. The time has come for SkyClan to return to the other warrior Clans…

We don’t know about you, but we’re super excited for Hawkwing’s Journey. Kate Cary assures us that we’ll enjoy the character of Hawkwing, and that there may be something extra special about him for the fans. Let us know in the comments below what your speculation is for this new Warrior Cats book.

Don’t forget to vote and let us know if you’re going to read this special edition.

Welcome, New Warrior’s Wish Users!

We’ve recently included new features that allow you to sign up for the site and interact, and even become a content editor if you’ve got something to say on the subject of Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter and you’re itching to get it out there. No need to worry about editing, we’ll take care of it, just send us a message or email us for more information. We’ve also got a shout box, and the ability to message other members and be notified about the activities and goings on. If you love Warrior Cats, and you want to keep up with news, we highly recommend you register and subscribe.

Don’t forget that for an expanded, fun and lively community, you can join our forum!

The Extra-Hard Warrior Cats Quiz

Do you think you have the knowledge to pass the ultimate Warrior Cats quiz? Filled with all kinds of questions about obscure things in the series, and even trivia passed on from the authors themselves, this fun quiz might give you a run for your money. Read your books and surf the web before you take this test. Are you a Warriors newbie, or a Warriors star?

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