The Extra-Hard Warrior Cats Quiz

Do you think you have the knowledge to pass the ultimate Warrior Cats quiz? Filled with all kinds of questions about obscure things in the series, and even trivia passed on from the authors themselves, this fun quiz might give you a run for your money. Read your books and surf the web before you take this test. Are you a Warriors newbie, or a Warriors star?



  1. Branchfur

    i guess i’m a newbie lol

  2. Prune

    5/10 so huge Warriors fan!

  3. DFW

    5/10, that was harder than I expected!

  4. Squirrelypaws

    8/10! 🙂

  5. Dewstar


  6. Ravenflight

    7/10. Hmm. Could have done better.

  7. Briarpoppy

    I got 6/10! I’m a huge fan!

  8. Whiskerdew_Warriors

    8/10. both of them i hit the wrong answer.

  9. Turtle

    got 6/10

  10. Turtlestar of Brambleclan

    7/10 wish I could have done better but seriously. Who is Hawkheart?

    • Littlewhisker of WindClan

      Hawkheart was the medicine cat of WindClan, he was Barkface’s mentor, he was medicine cat under both Heatherstar and Tallstar. He was a warrior but then a prophecy told him to be a medicine cat. He murdered Moonflower (Bluestar’s mum) , not on purpose, so people thought he’d go to the Dark Forest since killing is what mean cats do. Not necessarily! Greystripe killed two people, (I only know one; Darkstraipe) Hope I helped, Turtlestar!

    • meme child

      The cat who killed Moonflower during the Windclan raid in Bluster’s Prophecy.

    • Nightberry

      He was the RiverClan medicine cat I think…

      • Nightberry

        No he was WindClan

    • Nightberry

      He was the WindClan medicine cat who was once a warrior

  11. Snowstar36

    10/10 I love warriors so much! I have read every book!

  12. Darkstalker

    Wow. 10/10 I got lucky with the Tigerclaw’s name question.

    • Iceshard

      Do you know Wings of Fire, Darkstalker? Apparently Erin Hunter helped make the Wings of Fire Series.

  13. NightGaze le She-cat

    10/10 wow… easy

  14. Amberdapple

    5/10 i feel bad now XD I love Warriors and read the whole series!

  15. Oceanmask


  16. Iceshard

    I got 6/10 at first, but then I took it again and got 10/10. Is that Allowed?!?! I feel like it’s not, but that’s okay, right? :3 I read all of the Books Except the Sixth Book for Dawn of the Clans, Path of Stars, and the Sixth Book for Visions of the Shadows, River of Fire. The Sight is Still my Favorite!!

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