Wanted: Warrior’s Wish Content Contributors and Editors

We would like to have updates on the  daily here at Warrior’s Wish, so it’s about time we brought some new people on board. If you’re at all interested in writing Warrior Cats articles, including opinion pieces and essays, we’d love to have you with us. You can shoot us an email or comment below, or even message us through the personal messaging system — just tell us a little bit about your Warrior Cats experience and what you’d like to bring to the table. Share this post with anyone you might know who’d be interested as well!

– Team Ww



  1. Sleeky

    Sent a message !

  2. Whiskerdew

    I would love to help with this website! I have read all of the books, mangas, novellas, and super editions except for Hawkwing’s Journey (I am about to read it). I have great knowledge of the characters and their family trees, also the Warrior Code, medicine cat code, medicine herbs, and the clan timeline. I have the first five arcs on hand (well, I have DOTC and used to have all of them but I’m selling them to get the new cover editions so yeah I’m basically getting them all). I really want to do an article on the medicine cat herbs! May I help?

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