Warrior Cats Movie Update!

It’s been a long time, Wishers, but as more details about the Warrior Cats movie are unveiled, we’ll have a lot more to talk about!

It looks like STX Entertainment along with Alibaba Pictures will produce the movie with a script written by the award-winning Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Burger. However, they’re known for productions that are largely comedy-focused, so what does that mean for the Warriors movie? As we learn more, we’ll keep you updated.

The movie will be part-CGI and part-live action. What are you most excited about regarding the new movie? Discuss in the comment section below!



  1. Snow-whisker

    I don’t think it’s going to be good…

    • Feather

      maybe it will be?

      • Moon

        If its an animation it will have to be steered towards younger people. That means no brutal deaths, and no bloody battles. So… the cats will all have to be friends and that is probably not going to be good.

        • paleohuntress

          Not to offend in any way. But since when does animation mean it has to be for children alone and not involve any violence or death? Take the lion king for instance. There is death and violence. Many many of the best, truly geared toward children movies have death of some kind. Waters hip down has shown me it is possible to make a great warriors movie and still make it for everyone. Just my opinion

          • Manefur

            I completely agree with you! Many animated shows and movies are not for children. South Park, Family Guy and a movie that might be similar to Warrior Cats, Felidae. Felidae is a movie that is animated and about cats but has very strong language and graphic deaths. I have high hopes for this new warriors movie

  2. Sleeky

    I can’t wait!

  3. Spiritheart

    I CANT EAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!

  4. Spiritheart


  5. Kayla Williams

    If only they would make a series of movies like Twilight or Harry Potter.. This series would fit great into a few movies. But if they do one animated, i fear its going to suck terribly… Like i wouldn’t even go watch it unless it was a real movie..

  6. Duskfur

    Yessss, confirmed

  7. Diamondspark

    Guys, CGI and Live-Action together mean it’s most likely going to look like the newest Jungle Book. In the movie, the animals are CGI animated because, obviously, they can’t get real animals to play the part so they used CGI to re-create them. Also, they probably used it because it’s probably much easier to make the animals talk so it doesn’t look like SFM animals. So I think there’s going to be battles and cats dying, but I don’t think it’s gonna be PG13.

  8. Emma

    I am so excited! Can’t wait! Though, I wonder if there will be more movies of it, one for each book?

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