Ashfur (of ThunderClan)

I can’t understand how any of you failed to see the blood…”

Names: Ashkit, Ashpaw, Ashfur

Mentor: Dustpelt

Apprentices: Birchfall, Lionblaze


Ashfur of ThunderClan

Known Family:

Mother: Brindleface

Sister: Ferncloud

Half-Sister: Sandstorm


Ashfur is a pale gray tom with darker gray speckles and dark blue eyes.

(Blue mackerel spotted tabby (medium rufus); AA CC BB dd ss ww McMc SpSp o.)


Ashfur is usually soft-hearted and responsible. He is loyal, calm and logical, but his honesty sometimes makes him vulnerable. He can be pushed to raging temper as shown in the actions he takes against Squirrelflight and the Three.


Appears from Fire and Ice to Long Shadows.

Current status is: Deceased, StarClan member

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