Firestar (of ThunderClan)

I want to avoid bloodshed, if we can.”

Names: Rusty, Firepaw, Fireheart, Firestar

Mentor: Bluestar

Apprentices: Cinderpelt, Cloudtail, Bramblestar

Firestar of ThunderClan

Firestar of ThunderClan

Known Family:

Father: Jake

Mother: Nutmeg

Sisters: Princess, Luna

Brothers: Filou, Tommy

Half-Brothers: Scourge, Socks

Half-Sister: Ruby

Mate: Sandstorm

Daughters: Leafpool, Squirrelflight


Firestar is a handsome ginger tom, and his fur lights up like fire when in a sunbeam. His eyes are medium green.

(Red Classic Tabby carrying chocolate; CC Bb DD ww mcmc dmdm O Rfhigh.)

Enneagram Type Nine
– The Peacemaker


Firestar possesses strong leadership skills and courage, but he is merciful and soft-hearted. In his youth he was known for mischief.

Appears from Into the Wild to The Last Hope.

Current status is: Deceased, StarClan member

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