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Graystripe (of ThunderClan/RiverClan)

I can’t think of anything worse than being a kittypet.”

Names: Graykit, Graypaw, Graystripe

Mentor: Lionheart

Apprentices: Brackenfur

Graystripe of ThunderClan/RiverClan

Graystripe of ThunderClan/RiverClan

Known Family:

Father: Patchpelt

Mother: Willowpelt

Half-Brothers: Darkstripe, Longtail, Rainwhisker, Sootfur

Half-Sister: Sorreltail

Mate(s): Silverstream, Millie

Sons: Stormfur, Bumblestripe

Daughters: Feathertail, Blossomfall, Briarlight


Graystripe is a handsome long-haired solid gray tom, with amber eyes and broad shoulders. A single darker stripe runs down his back.

(Blue longhair carrying mackerel tabby; aa CC BB dd ww ll McMc dmdm ii o.)

Enneagram Type Seven
– The Enthusiast


Graystripe is an easy-going, friendly, and optimistic cat. He is friends with almost everyone, and he is not afraid to take chances.

Appears from Into the Wild to (Present)

Current status is: Living

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