Sandstorm (of ThunderClan)

Sometimes Clan boundaries cause more damage than they’re worth.

Names: Sandkit, Sandpaw, Sandstorm

Mentor: Whitestorm

Apprentices: Sorreltail, Honeyfern

Known Family:

Sandstorm of ThunderClan

Sandstorm of ThunderClan

Father: Redtail

Mother: Brindleface

Half-Sister: Ferncloud

Half-Brothers: Ashfur, Elderkit, Tulipkit

Mate: Firestar

Daughters: Leafpool, Squirrelflight


Sandstorm is a pale, short-haired ginger she-cat. She has barely visible darker stripes in her fur, and flecks of gold and ginger. Her eyes are pale green.

(Apricot mackerel tabby; AA CC B- dd ww LL McMc DmDm OO.)

The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational

Enneagram Type Eight – The Challenger


Sandstorm is a very stubborn, independent cat, and she is not kindly when it comes to patronizing. She gradually matures through the series, and is obedient, and loyal.


Appears from Into the Wild to The Apprentice’s Quest.

Current status is: Deceased, StarClan member

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