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Warrior’s Wish TCG Remake!

I’m working diligently on a remake of the Warrior Cats trading card game our original administrator, Blizz, created so long ago. The cards will be redesigned and gameplay tweaked a little bit. There will also be special edition cards released from time to time, including some that may be bought for the PP (prey points) you earn from site participation!

Keep watching for more updates!


Warriors Battle Card Game

A new edition of the old Warrior Cats Battle Card Game, made by our founder Blizz, will likely be released at the start of the next month. It’ll feature cats solely from the original Warriors series, and be based around that arc. For more information on the WBCG, go ahead and email us or leave a comment below. It’s so exciting to be bringing back old elements of Ww, and we’re happy to share them with you all once again.

A preview of some of the Warrior cards is below the cut:

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