Warriors catTraditional Naming is all the rage in the Warriors roleplay world, especially in a day and age where most fans are grown up and ready for something new and different. From Tumblr blogs such as ailuronymy to north-american-warriors and personal guides on RP sites. Today, I’m going to show you how to combine prefixes and suffixes to make your own traditional Warriors name.

What is Traditional Warriors Naming?

It’s a naming system that assumes that cats should have names that make sense. So instead of naming a kit after things that you won’t be able to tell when they’re born, you can name them for what they look like. There are a wide range of prefixes you can use that reflect a warrior’s coloring and markings, but only a few suffixes that are very specific.

What are the prefixes?

Depending on where your roleplay is set, there will be different types of colors and animals you can use to describe the way a kit looks at birth. A couple of examples are here:

Raven – the kit may be born a dark color

White – a white kit

Auburn – a red kit

Patch – a calico kit, perhaps?


What are acceptable suffixes?

The suffixes are a lot less fluid than the prefixes and have to do with the traits of a cat. So for example, a cat with a -claw suffix may be skilled in fighting, whereas a cat with -heart as a suffix may be emotional. These are very specific and instead of being a double descriptor for a cat, they are more about describing the way a cat acts or what they’re good at.

Sometime soon a traditional naming generator should be added for both English and American prefixes and the traditional suffixes. Hopefully this will help with naming.

Thanks for reading my first article!
– Sleekpaw